Sunday, October 30, 2011


As I approach 50, I have found myself caught up in a new adventure.  It wasn’t something I was looking for.  In fact I couldn’t have been happier with where I was in life:  incredible family, wonderful relationships, numerous career experiences , and varied and interesting life experiences.  But there is nothing quite like the realization that you can do things you’ve never done before, especially at a stage in life that some dread in our culture. New adventures and interesting and inspiring people, have added unexpected dimensions to my days. I find myself half way through life – smack dab in the middle – as a competitive, sponsored athlete in an excited new sport.  Along with mother, wife, educator, business owner, I have added “athlete” - a professional Stand Up Paddler to be more precise – to the list.

Note on BLOGGING:  I must say this is the last online innovation I saw myself using.  I always consider myself to be left brained. I can get my head around building a website, and even the 140 characters of a Tweet.  But as I exercise muscles I never knew I had in my physical body, it seems like an excellent time to stretch and grow in other new areas.  I am inspired by numerous friends - with varying interest and talents – who have found their voice through writing, but the major reason to start blogging is my new found sport, my passion for Stand Up Paddling, and the unique opportunities that have been presented to me.  I think blogging will be a rewarding vehicle for share my journey.

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